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The World Bank PROMOŢIE!

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The World Bank PROMOŢIE!
Building Monographs
Winner of a comprehensive international design competition
A structure which retains original buildings and incorporates them into a new plan
An outstanding design by one of the world�s leading architectural firms
A monograph of one of the world�s newest truly international buildings.

Rarely does an organisation of worldwide importance acquire a home that matches its aspirations. This book explores the design and engineering ideas, large and small, that make the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC outstanding. For owners and architects who aspire to design excellence, a study of this building is an exploration worth making.
This building is a truly international corporate centre. It was designed to accommodate the current and future needs of a multinational global financial institution.
The winning design for the redevelopment of the World Bank headquarters site, by Kohn Pedersen Fox with a slate of distinguished collaborators, accommodates a vast and varied program of working spaces within a limited volume, while offering throughout a work environment of exceptional quality. It presents to the world an image that is distinguished, yet blessedly free of monumentality or material excess. In the design stage, the scheme was widely praised and won a coveted P/A Awards Citation. The completed building won the Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects - a rare dual achievement.
The building had to meet design standards more rigid than those generally imposed in the United States. Large floor areas were ruled out, with a strict gradation of office spaces by size and location corresponding to the occupant�s grade in the organisation incorporated into the plan.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Images Publishing
ISBN: 1875498907

Format: 300 x 223 mm, 160 pp., 400 full col., hardback

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