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Designing the Sustainable School

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Designing the Sustainable School
Autor: Ford, Alan
This book presents a survey of K-12 schools from around the world that combine the best in aesthetics, sustainability, and high-performance design. K-12 school construction currently represents one of the largest sectors of new construction of any building type. Considering rising energy costs and concerns for the environment, there has never been more attention focussed on the need to design schools responsibly. It highlights the work that the best architects are doing to respond to those needs while still creating beautiful schools for enhanced learning. Author Alan Ford has designed more than 75 K-12 schools projects, and with a longstanding commitment to sustainability and a passion for architecture, he is perfectly positioned to present this illuminating collection of sustainable school projects from around the world. This colourful book is a compendium of ideas illustrating how some very talented architects and committed facility planners are meeting the challenge of creating better schools.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Images Publishing
ISBN: 9781864702378

Format: 256 p., 265 x 242 mm, hardback

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