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The Art of Byzantine Tradition in Romania

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The Art of Byzantine Tradition in Romania
Autor: Văetişi, Adela
In no other epoch of civilization and the history of art have the Church, society and culture been so bound together as in Byzantium, and the art that expressed this consummate harmony was to preserve its stability and validity over many centuries. In the Romanian milieu, the most profound aspect of relations with the Byzantine Empire was neigher political, economic nor administrative; the Byzantine emperors had no intention of absorbing within their borders the lands inhabited by the Romanians. The strongest impact of Byzantine civilization was in terms of its moulding of ecclesiastical life within the forms of Byzantine theological thought and ritual, whereby Romanians were integrated into the Eastern Orthodox Church. Culture and art were nothing more than a result of this fact. All Romanian art of the Byzantine tradition, in all its forms, whether original or borrowed courtly or monastic springs ron this fundamental bond. And that which gave identity to a tradition of art streching over an area wider than political dominion proper was this particularity: it is an art that is Christian in content and Byzantine in form.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2009
Editura: Noi Media Print
ISBN: 9789731805283

Format: 118 p., 235 x 280 mm, hardback

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