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Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass

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Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass
In the Victoria and Albert Museum
Autor: Williamson, Paul
The stained glass collection of the V&A is the largest in the world, making it possible through it to chart the development of the art from the middle of the twelfth century to about 1550. One hundred colour plates, and selected details, show major masterpieces to full advantage. Commentaries on each will reconstruct the original context of the panels, explain the imagery and give details of further reading, thus also providing an indispensable introduction to the subject. The text will touch on the techniques of stained glass, the major centres and monuments and the themes depicted in the pieces illustrated. Taken together, images and text illuminate a golden age of stained glass production, resulting in a beautiful book which will complement the major exhibition of Gothic art opening at the V&A in Autumn 2003.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: V&A Publications
ISBN: 1851774033

Format: 160 p., hardback

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