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H2O Architecture

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H2O Architecture
Autor: Crafti, Stephen
Water as an integral feature of domestic architecture is the theme of this new book from noted architectural writer and critic Stephen Crafti. The fifty homes featured in this book are diverse, and include apartments and townhouses, small terraces and large homes. While the styles of these homes may vary, they are all enhanced by the magic of water, and demonstrate how water can be integrated with architecture. Water isn't seen as an afterthought but has been thoughtfully considered from the outset to achieve a certain goal. This book doesn't simply suggest using water for the sake of creating a 'splash' or as a means of impressing visitors; its purpose is to show how, with the right imagination and skill, water can strengthen architectural forms, enhancing the experience of living in these homes.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Images Publishing
ISBN: 1864701145

Format: 224 p., 286 x 286 mm, hardback

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