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Design Destinations Worldwide

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Design Destinations Worldwide
Autor: Fischer, Joachim
The finest spa in Bangkok, the most spectacular resort island in the Maldives, the hottest club in Beirut, the hippest hotel in New York, the most exclusive boutique in Paris, the best restaurant in Berlin, the newest museum in Tokyo, and the coolest plaza in Barcelona: all these and more are described in lush detail in Design Destinations Worldwide, a collection of the most spectacular, most exclusive, and hottest places on the planet. Around the globe, new shops, spas, bars, restaurants, and hotels are being established with tremendous fantasy and no expense spared are being interpreted in new ways. Their creation involves not only architects, but also inspired interior decorators, artists, and fashion designers. These teams strive to meet the increasingly high standards of self-confident clients through the use of innovative materials and original ideas in selective locations. They are the wellspring of creative trends, never at rest and always thrilling. The Design Destinations gathered in this book are the interstices of public life, generating ambiance that is both a gesture of hospitality and a means of connecting with others.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2008
Editura: Ullmann
ISBN: 9783833147463

Format: 800 p., 322 x 258 mm, hardback + box

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