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Art & Architecture: Louvre

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Art & Architecture: Louvre
The "Art and Architecture" series unites brilliant colour illustrations with detailed information - spanning over 560 pages that fit in almost any pocket. It includes: high-quality illustrations of every piece of art described; supplementary regional and city maps and blueprints; insets on related cultural and intellectual topics; illustrated timelines and explanations of architectural styles; and extensive glossaries and terminology lists. Compact yet substantial: The volumes from the "Art and Architecture" series pack a wallop. They give many a hefty volume a run for its money as far as impact and density of information are concerned. Each volume is beautifully illustrated with over 600 colour illustrations. The highly readable texts have been written by experts and give you concentrated information on accessing well-known and less known sites in the word of art. An image of every piece of art that is described is included, allowing readers to easily recognize the original on-site. Insets on cultural-historical topics and illustrated glossaries, summaries, and timelines supplement the body text - leaving a deeper, more lasting impression of the material that is covered. The volumes from the "Art and Architecture" series are wonderful travel guides and mementos and even make for great bedtime reading.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2006
Editura: Könemann
ISBN: 3833119438

Format: 626 p., 155x170 mm, hardback

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