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Vasco da Gama şi alte poheme/Vasco da Gama and other pohems

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Vasco da Gama şi alte poheme/Vasco da Gama and other pohems
Autor: Naum, Gellu
my woman
nicknamed the she-wolf
with her hair nicely bursting
out of her stocking
and the foot bites the shoes
the shoes hide in the inkwell
but vasco da gama is frightened
he does not understand
anything of all this
and the greatest liberty is to sit
with hat over eyes in front of the door
when the door opens like a concertina
and sings to her and
the tooth becomes an edelweiss
the edelweiss picks tourists
and gathers them
gathers them flees through the window
and scratches itself
scratches itself is very small and cold
cold is a girl and the girl
rubs herself against taps
Carte în limba: romană
Anul apariţiei: 2007
Editura: Humanitas
ISBN: 9789735011369

Format: 137 p., 133 x 200 mm, necartonat

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