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Tropical Design

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Tropical Design
Tropical Design is not an established architectural style, but a collective description of architecture and interior design in tropical countries, designed by architects from around the equator. Rooted in the traditional style of architecture that is typical in these countries and influenced by the European modern style, a unique architectural lunguage has developed that reflects contemporary tendencies and corresponds to the climatic requirements. As multifaceted as nature in the tropical regions, the architecture in the projects presented here is just as diversified. From " Las Terrazas" by Legoretta+Legoretta glowing under the Mexican sun to the romantic "Anantara" on the Maledives Island to the spacious and modern "LPVM House" by Biselli e Katchborian in Brasil - the book offers a small insight into the contemporary style from tropical countries. An index of contact information of the designer and architects is enclosed.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: DAAB
ISBN: 9783937718682

Format: 400 p., 180 x 230 mm, hardback

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