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Transylvanian Cookbook

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Transylvanian Cookbook
Autor: Muresan, Florin
Florin Muresan is an unusually gifted artist. He painted, lived and loves in Milan, Prague and Bucharest, everywhere with the same, insatiable, Victorian, frenzy. I say Victorian because he is the son of a small town called Victoria, which used to be the only city in Central Europe without a church but with an Olympic-size swimming pool. And insatiable in his innocently contagious passion for creams, colors, juices and sauces which he transfers to us without a sense of guilt.

"Scoverzi" (Donuts), "Zacusca", White sour Soup with Lettuce, Meatballs, the best soft Stuffed Eggs in Central Europe, "silver-tusked" wild boar Sausages, Quince Jam and the ontological Slice of Bread with Lard and Salt - we knew them all from our mothers and grandmothers in Transylvania. We rediscover them in this book, not just in new tastes but also in new colors and a new language. Because what Florin Muresan does - to his credit - is to confirm the traditional cuisine of Central Romania, a variety of tongues, multicultural and interconfessional culinary palates in an Anglo-Saxon visiting card.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2016
Editura: Asociatia Culinara Transilvania
ISBN: 9789730207026

Format: 224 page, 195x235 mm, hardcover

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