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The Flea Palace

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The Flea Palace
Autor: Shafak, Elif
By turns comic and tragic, The Flea Palace is an outstandingly original novel driven by an overriding sense of social justice.

Bonbon Palace was once a stately apartment block in Istanbul. Now it is a sadly dilapidated home to ten wildly different individuals and their families.

There's a womanizing, hard-drinking academic with a penchant for philosophy; a 'clean freak' and her lice-ridden daughter; a lapsed Jew in search of true love; and a charmingly naïve mistress whose shadowy past lurks in the building. When the garbage at Bonbon Palace is stolen, a mysterious sequence of events unfolds that result in a soul-searching quest for truth.

Shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

'Picaresque.' Guardian

'Hyperactive and hilarious . . . Shafak's literary success and journalism mark her out as a figurehead of a new generation of writers.' Independent
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2015
Editura: Penguin
ISBN: 9780241201909

Format: 444 pagini, 128 x 198 mm, broşată

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