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The English Glass Chandelier

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The English Glass Chandelier
Autor: Martin Mortimer
The first comprehensive book on the subject
Covers the evolution of the chandelier
Chandeliers whilst a key feature of the great country houses, have tended to be ignored or wrongly described in the past - this book redresses the balance.

The book is the first to deal comprehensively with this subject. The range covered extends from the first use ofglass for lighting in the late 17th century until towards the end of the19th century. It deals with the evolution of chandelier design and technique, hanging attribution and dating, with special emphasis on the few documented examples known. It is fully illustrated with up to 150 examples included.
Pick up the illustrated guide-book to any country house open to the public and, if the furnishings include a chandelier, it is likely to be wrongly described. For several years the author has been able to advise the National Trust in this field and corrections have been made when guides have been re-printed. The present book is intended to correct mis-attributions and mis-apprehensions and provide some history. It deals with advances in style and technique as these evolve under various, mostly chronological headings. There are all too few documented chandeliers surviving, but most are included in as much detail as it has been possible to find.
The field is narrow, but those who visit the great houses and public buildings in this country will be able to enjoy with greater knowledge the great lustres which survive and discriminate to a degree between good and bad.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2002
Editura: Antique Collectors' Club
ISBN: 185149328X

Format: 279 x 216 mm, 200 pp., 50 c., 100 b&w, hardback

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