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The Complete Guide to Digital Imaging

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The Complete Guide to Digital Imaging
Everything you need to know to create perfect digital images
Autor: Lacey, Joël
The most comprehensive book on digital imaging available today
Comprehensive, detailed, but easy to follow,
The Complete Guide to Digital Imaging is both a manual and an inspirational guide to achieving stunning digital images. It is essential reading for all those involved in digital photography, print, Web output, animation or video. Through myriad examples, detailed technical information and practical work-throughs, this book resolves the many mystifying technical issues involved in the creation, manipulation, processing and output of digital images.

? The fundamentals
What digital images are, how they work, and
how they can be manipulated
? Optimizing output for all media
Print, photographs, animations, videos and
web movies
? Adjusting the ?captured image?
Techniques and software for editing and
enhancing digital imagery
? Creating new images for imaginative work
Comprehensive practical advice and
? Achieving the most effective image input
Scanning, resolution, file formats and
dynamic range
? Hardware
Platforms, scanners, digital cameras, printers and
storage devices
? Software
In-depth advice on the best applications for
the job
? Digital delivery and storage
Optimizing speed, security, accessibility and
? Practice routines
Hone your digital imaging skills with these
quick exercises
? Glossary of useful terms, and lists of books and websites
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500283141

Format: 224 p., 260 x 235 mm, 655 illus., 655 c., paperback with flaps

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