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Made in Germany

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Made in Germany
Best of Contemporary Architecture
Here is a critical and original portrait of the exciting diversity to be found in contemporary architecture in and from Germany. A high-calibre jury, composed of specialist journalists and seasoned observer of the global architectural scene, have selected and appraised a range of outstanding buildings that are presented in these pages by means of text, photographs, floor plans and architectural drawings. "Made in Germany - Best of Contemporary Architecture" also profiles the best architects working in and from Germany, and includes interviews and essays on a variety of subjects, among them a special feature on concrete as building material of the year. As such, this publication represents a fresh new voice in contemporary architecture criticism.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Verlagshaus Braun
ISBN: 9783938780350

Format: 216 p., 175 x 260 mm, flexicover

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