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Interactive English Year 8 Establishing

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Interactive English Year 8 Establishing
Autor: Hill, Linda - Livingstone, Zoe
Interactive English is a complete yet flexible package of resources for English departments to support the teaching of the revised Key Stage 3 curriculum to pupils of all abilities and by experienced and newly qualified teachers alike. Teachers will be guided through this comprehensive set of resources via a printed Teacher's Book and a Dynamic Learning Teacher's Resource. Each year every pupil will have a Pupil's Book tailored to the ability level (approximated to NC levels) they are working at which guides them through the essential language and skills work, plus a Pupil's 'lite' version of Dynamic Learning on CD-ROM for independent use on a PC at school or at home. The Year 8 package includes a full-colour Teacher's Book, a Dynamic Learning Teacher's Resource and a three Pupil's Books for pupils working from NC Level 3 to NC Level 6. Each Pupil's Book (Establishing, Developing and Extending) includes language skills and functions presentation and practice material and contains a Pupil's DL CD-ROM with digital presentation material and interactive practice activities for pupils to work on independently. The 'Developing' Pupil's Book supports pupils working at NC Levels 3--4 with presentations, examples and practice exercises. Each page spread is a carefully graded version of the 'core' material so that all pupils in each class are working with the same material but at their own level.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2008
Editura: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 9780340948897

Format: 90 pages, 212 x 275 mm, paperback

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