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Social Living
Collective housing has played a major role in architectural advances of the twentieth century. Social changes in the western world have forced architects to take note of the new priorities. Family ruptures and the manifestation of new models of cohabitation have confirmed the value of collective housing as a space that covers the bare necessities and allows a great aesthetic personality. In a western world that has reached a certain standard of health, ecological sustainability and the need for an urban cohesion around the buildings are the new burning issues. This book brings together some of the most outstanding projects of recent years including luxury skyscrapers, innovative social buildings, restorations and volumetric experiments of world renown. Illustrated with more than 400 photographs and plans, the projects in this book represent a wonderful example of the current desire to update collective housing.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2007
Editura: Loft
ISBN: 9788495832696

Format: 255 p., 195 x 240 mm, paperback

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