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A Lively Guide for the Casual Collector
Autor: Dennis Jr. Danile J.
If you love the beauty of gems but have trouble distinguishing a topaz from a sapphire, this book is for you.
How can you make sure you are getting good value for your money? Just buy this book!
Dan Dennis, the gem show host whose popularity with Home Shopping Network viewers nationwide has helped to fuel the recent explosion in the gem collecting market, offers a wealth of useful facts and fascinating lore about gems in this funny yet practical illustrated guide.
With the same passion and entertaining, informative style that has marked his television appearances over the past 15 years, Dennis covers in detail more than 100 different gems�from diamonds, pearls, and rubies to emeralds, jade, opals, and a host of less-familiar stones as well.
The book describes the often surprising route a gem takes from rough stone to polished and set jewelry; lists birth and astral stones; and offers helpful tips on how to buy jewelry and how to care for your treasures once you do.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Harry N.Abrams, Inc.
ISBN: 0810941260

Format: 8" x 10", 192 pp., 60 illus., 55 c., hardback

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