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Floral Interior Decoration

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Floral Interior Decoration
Autor: Pattyn, Geert
Contemporary interiors of various types correspond to Geert Pattyn's natural 'habitat'. He has international fame as the decorator of rooms or spaces intended to be the centre of celebrating, meeting or exhibiting. He is unique in presenting his creations in a perfect harmony with the architectural environment, in a way that seems to be free of any effort. Every page in this book is testimony to his ability to integrate his creations into the interior design of a space. Geert endeavors to imagine the lifestyle of his client, pays attention to colour combinations and other artistic elements in the room. He illustrates how floral decorations can create a specific atmosphere ot mood. Often his creations are simpley works of art, leading a life of their own.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Stichting Kunstboek
ISBN: 905856102x

Format: 144 p., 250 x 335 mm, hardback

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