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D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love: A Casebook

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D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love: A Casebook
Autor: Ellis, David
Although D. H. Lawrence's stock has fallen in recent times there are now signs of a revival. Of all his works, Women in Love is widely regarded as the most complex and rewarding. Apart from the classic essay by Joyce Carol Oates, all the items collected in this volume were published after 1990. Written by scholars from the United Kingdom, France, Australia and Canada, as well as the United States, they illustrate both the way recent theoretical developments in literary studies can be made relevant to readings of Lawrence and the healthy persistence of traditional methods of analysis. They also reveal Women in Love as a twentieth century classic that continues to challenge its readers and refuses to be pigeonholed. College students will find this collection an invaluable aid in their efforts to come to terms with the novel and for those of their elders who admire Lawrence it will provide a convenient and interesting way of discovering the kind of reactions he has provoked in the last fifteen years. The collection also contains a photograph of the statuette that was quite clearly the inspiration of Lawrence's description of Loerke's Lady Godiva, along with a note from the scholar who has only very recently announced its discovery.
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2006
Editura: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019517027x

Format: 282 p., 138 x 208 mm, paperback

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