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Contemporary World Interiors PROMOŢIE!

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Contemporary World Interiors PROMOŢIE!
Autor: Yelavich, Susan
Similar in format to Phaidon's Contemporary World Architecture, Contemporary World Interiors is a thorough survey of the current state of international interior design. This is a comprehensive survey of notable currents in interior architecture and design over the past 25 years, describing historical precedents and analyzing future directions. Contemporary World Interiors is exhaustive in scope, presenting some 450 projects on six continents in countries as diverse as China, Russia, the Czech Republic, Brail, Israel, Botswana, and South Korea, in addition to Japan, Western Europe, and the United States. More than 400 architects and designers are featured, from world-renowned figures such as John Pawson, Philippe Starck, Peter Marino, Marcel Wanders, and Zaha Hadid to rising stars such as the Campana Brothers, LOT-EK, Lindy Roy, Italy's UdA, and Japanese firms such as SANAA and Atelier Bow-Wow. Organized by category into 11 chapters, the book goes far beyond the traditional emphasis on residences and commercial spaces, including religious interiors, performance halls and cultural centers, civic spaces, restaurants, hospitals, and therapeutic spaces, among others.
Each chapter is heavily illustrated with color photographs and plans - over 1,000 total - all reproduced in a generous size. In its variety and scope, the book depicts the expanding vision and impact of the interior designer, product designer, decorator, and, of course, architect. Contemporary World Interiors illustrates the public's growing fascination with, and investment in, the designed interior.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Phaidon
ISBN: 9780714843360

Format: 512 p., 260 x 295 mm, hardback

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