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Behind Bars

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Behind Bars
Design for Cafés & Bars
The range of bars and cafés that can be found in cities around the world is growing. These locations are used for personal enjoyment and offer relaxing and
inspirational escapes from our everyday urban lives. More notably, bars and
cafés are increasingly serving as representative environments for key meetings
as well as business and social networking. Today, discerning individuals and
businesspeople are looking for exclusive and discrete ambience in combination
with contemporary comforts and trends. The design and interior of bars and
cafés are decisive criteria for succeeding in a highly competitive international
Behind Bars features forty prototypical bars and cafés from around the world.
This compilation includes a broad spectrum of multifaceted styles by such innovative designers as Marc Newson, Thoms & Nilsson and Staat. Each location in Behind Bars is presented in a detailed eight-page spread, which includes comprehensive photography of the interior as well an interview with the designer, floor plans and project data. The wealth of information about the
unique selection of locations gives readers of Behind Bars valuable insight into
coming trends in interior design, colours, materials and themes.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 9783899553000

Format: 340 p., 175 x 240 mm, hardback

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