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Be The Best 1.

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Be The Best 1.
General Knowledge Workbook for 11-14 Year-old Pupils
Autor: Juhász Valéria
"Be the Best" is a supplementary textbook series which helps 11-14 year-old pupils to acquire and use basic vocabulary in a wide range of topics, which they have already learnt in their mother tongue, such as history of art, history, informatics, communication, library use, mathematics and sience, at an elementary level of English.
The exercises are presented funny, easy way, often in detail, at different levels of difficulty; therefore, you can select among them, according to your language knowledge.
With the help of the "Be the Best" series, you will be able to discover one of the most important goals of language learning: the knowledge you have gained in your mother tongue can be shared in a second language.

Art - prehistoric and ancient times
History - prehistoric and ancient times
Maths - natural numbers
In the garden
Animals (vertebrates)
Weather and climate
Mini dictionary
Carte în limba: engleză
Anul apariţiei: 2010
Editura: Mozaik
ISBN: 9789636975975

Format: 88 pagini, 190 x 257 mm, copertă necartonată

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