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Architecture Studio

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Architecture Studio
The Millennium Series
Cutting edge Gallic architecture
One of a handful of French architecture firms that are active in international competition.

Created in Paris in 1973, Architecture Studio today integrates the work of seven associate architects, architects, city planners, engineers and interior designers of various nationalities.
The group has an open-door policy and has grown bigger with the passage of time: Martin Robain joined in 1973, Rodo Tisnado in 1976, Jean-Francois Bonne in 1979, Alain Bretagnolle and Rene-Henri Arnaud in 1989, Laurent-Marc Fischer in 1993 and Marc Lehmann in 1998. In 1980 they moved to their Rue Lacuee premises, near the Bastille district, which comprise large open workshops dating from the late nineteenth century. From its foundation, more than 400 young architects from all over the world have joined Architecture Studio, eager to try an original approach which assumes a collective philosophy for a collective architecture.
Through a collaborative process of conception and an approach to the built project conditioned by the specifics of its context, the architectural practice is constantly evolving. Projects include the French Embassy in Muscate, the Church of Our Lady of the Ark of the Convenant in Paris, the Medical Academy Centre in Zabrze, the Institute of the Arab World in Paris and the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: Images Publishing
ISBN: 1864700211

Format: 340 x 245 mm, 256 pp., 400 col.illus., hardback

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