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Aircraft Interiors

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Aircraft Interiors
The dream of flying has preoccupied man since time immemorial. The fascination of discoverig distant destinations and overcoming distances quickly resulted in the demand to optimize traveling times from the aspect of comfort. Meanwhile, airline companies offer their passengers a wealth of on-board possibilities: Releaxing sleep in a bed above the clouds, internet connection, or bars. Functionality only turns into a finished contemporary interior as a result of the designed shapes, materials and colours. Starting with the choice of material to the development of an artificial starry heaven inside the cabin, which counteracts against jetlag, everything is taken into consideration while designing the cabin, making the time the passenger spends travling, more pleasant. This book will show the most impressive and innovative 40 examples around Aircraft Interiors in big and small, private and business jets.
Carte în limba: engleză
Editura: DAAB
ISBN: 3937718109

Format: 400 p., 180 x 230 mm, hardback

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